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Congratulations on making a career move!
Decisions to improve your career and quality of life are always difficult and should be. I have enjoyed working with you and helping you to improve your career. I believe that this move is the right one for you at this time in your life. That is why I have taken the time to work with you to secure this position at _______________.


Let me take a moment and review the terms of your transition to your new position and verify that you will be ready to start at ________________on _______________. You have accepted the position of with a starting base salary of ________________. To help us keep our records up to date, please verify that the above information is correct. It is important that there is no confusion about the company you accepted the position with, your title and the starting base salary.


I, __________________Sign Here____________________________verify that the above is true and I am ready to make this career transition.


I know you are ready to start on the above date and I have a positive expectation of your ability to impact your career and your new employer in a positive way. To help us keep track of your progress, please contact us with any change of residence or changes to your phone #.


It is important to me that you have a fruitful and productive career. I would like to assist you in every step of your career growth by always helping you find the right position. If my services have been valuable to you, please pass my name on to friends and family you may know in the hospitality industry. Personal referrals are always appreciated.


Again, thanks for your effort. Keep up the good work. I have high hopes for your success!


EHS Hospitality Group

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