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Thank you for selecting the EHS Hospitality Group during your current search. EHS specializes exclusively in the discovery and placement of Hotel & Restaurant / Hospitality professionals for some of the nations finest employers. It is our goal that you will always find our Career Managers concerned and helpful. We have found that your answers to the following questions will ensure the role we play in your career change is a positive one. Please take a few minutes to complete this form thoroughly. Please email it back to us as soon as possible so we can begin looking for that perfect career move. We are looking forward to representing you in your current search.


1. What is motivating your decision to leave your current job? If already left what was the reason?


2. Describe your search activity over the past 12 months. Please include any information about interviews and/or offers you have had as well as the types of positions, etc.

• Other Recruiters you are working with?

• What companies Did they discuss with you?

• Are you posted on job boards, if so list them.

• Where have you sent your resume?

• Who has contacted you?

• Spoken to anyone recently?

• Are you currently in the interview process with anyone?

• Received any offers?


• Have you ever been terminated? Please Explain.

• Our clients may request a background check. Would that be an issue for you?

• Best time to reach you?


3. Describe in detail what you would be doing in your ideal next position. What hospitality concepts will you consider; would you prefer corporate or privately owned concepts; describe how these choices can help you meet your goals. The more detail you provide the better for us to understand your career aspirations.


4. Where, in your area, are you willing to work? How far are you willing to travel to and from work? Are you willing to relocate? If yes, to what area?

5. What is your total compensation package? Please include base, bonus, incentives, stock, etc, and list each separately. What type of package do you expect in your next move?

6. What are your thoughts concerning your susceptibility to a counteroffer from your current employer? Have you ever been given a counteroffer? Did you accept it or turn it down? Why?

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