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Having an interview at Dinner

• Spaghetti
It’s bad form to cut it, worse form to twirl the huge ball and worst form to slurp up the one that tried to get away

• Pizza
Ever get hot pizza stuck to the roof of your mouth• Or pulled the toppings off in a clump right into your lap?

• French onion soup (see French Onion Soup Technique)
This is the one soup that should come with a knife and a fork . . .

• Most expensive item on the menu
You don’t want to be an asterisk on an expense report ?

• Least expensive item on the menu
That includes anything on the kids menu, even if you still love chicken fingers . . .

• Any fish with the head or bones still attached
“Hey waiter, I think the chef forgot to skin and clean this here fish!”

• Any food that requires you to lick your fingers when you are finished
“Them there were da best ribs I’ve ever eaten . . .”

• Any food that requires a bib
Even if the little lobster bib does match your suit . . .

• Any food in a foreign language, unless you are 100% sure of the pronunciation “Hey there, garcon, I’ll have one of them there fillet mig-nons . . .”

• Any food you are not sure how to eat Artichokes come to mind . . .


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