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Emily Boston

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Emily Boston is a Kansas City native with a decade of hospitality experience as a server, bartender, trainer, sommelier, manager, and event coordinator. Between a BFA in Musical Theatre from Wichita State University and her experience in theaters and restaurants, her diverse background gives her a vast knowledge in all areas of the patron experience. She has lived through the busiest tourist environments in Yellowstone Park, the pleasures of fine dining, the high stakes of producing live events, and has seen it all. Emily brings fresh eyes: a higher level of imagination and open-mindedness for any client or candidate. Whether you’re looking to stay in your field, or branching out into uncharted territory, Emily will apply your skills and experience to find you the perfect fit. Her passion is building a strong team that is focused on providing the best experience possible, as well as matching the right professionals for long-term success.

Outside of work, Emily is an avid book nerd, singer, children’s theater counselor, and a mother of greyhounds.

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