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Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for the time you shared with me Friday, as well as your candid disclosure of what you require in the candidate for VP of Sales.


Obviously, I must compliment you and your management team’s abilities in delivering the same level of strength, enthusiasm, confidence and pure backbone. In addition, you need a person with the experience and drive portfolio to provide XYZ with:


The insight to understand what is required to appropriately transform the existing sales team into a team capable of selling at an Enterprise level consistently.

A network of talent to draw from to fulfill the above requirements as we grow.
The fortitude and leadership to give the sales force the guidance required while collaboratively working with the management team to obtain Service, Channel and Marketing objectives.
Insight to assist in both Demand and Message creation.
A work ethic that loves being in the field and still has the energy to do what is required from a management perspective.
Enough technical acumen to provide Development with appropriate input.
The experience to teach and enforce a consistent selling methodology linked to driving revenue in a linear fashion to give XYZ what it needs in reliable revenue streams.
The experience and ability to implement sales management practices required to get every member of the XYZ team selling the Vision you so articulately disclosed!


I look forward to providing XYZ with the above capabilities and more… heart, integrity, real loyalty, and commitment. I am anxious to see the demonstration Fred Jones will provide me this Thursday, and importantly… I believe this company should and can be wildly successful. Being a part of accomplishing this objective is something I will enjoy!


Best Regards,




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