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What to ask your interviewer


• When you made the move to come here, what was the most compelling reason?


• What keeps you here?


• I’m looking for a leader who I can believe in and whose coattails I can ride. Tell me your ambitions.


• What do I have to do to get your job?


• (End of interview) I hope I have your vote of confidence for this position, is there anything I need to do to prepare for the next interview? (Reality Check Questions)


• You’re not hiring because everything is wonderful. What are the problems that need solving?


• Carpe Diem…companies hire short term solutions to short term problems. How can I stand out in the next 180 days?


• I’m happy to give you references, but are there also people within the company that I can talk to, to learn more about this opportunity and the company?


• Profile your top performer for me. What does he/she do that makes him/her so much better?


• When it comes to work, what keeps you up at night?

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